The International Organisation of Lamb and Mutton Meat (Organización Interprofesional de la Carne de Ovino y Caprino), through their European programme “Luxury Lamb & Mutton. More than luxury meat” will organise a series of gastronomic days, from the 16th to the 30th of March, at the most prestigious restaurants in Dubai. With the objective to place value on lamb meat with European origin at the most exclusive restaurants and conquer the most sophisticated palates of this city.

Concretely, there are ten restaurants taking part in this action who will offer a tasting menu with Spanish lamb meat. Among the main cuts, worthy of mention is the Iberian Angie Magret, one of the most sought out pieces amongst the international public.

As to the list of establishments taking part, we find some as outstanding as Atmosphere restaurant which can be found on floor 122 of BurjKhalifa, the highest skyscraper in the world; 99 Sushi Bar Dubai, from the prestigious Spanish chain; Torno Subito; Lola; Indochine; Ce La Vie; TBC restaurant found at the Marriot Al Forsan hotel; La Cantine du Faubourg; BBS Social and Drift Beach. The complete list of all the restaurants taking part in this campaign can be found on the web

Also, for the airing of this initiative a strong digital campaign will be put into effect and thanks to the collaboration of prominent prescribers and influencers of the country, the special traits of Spanish lamb and the culinary dishes of chefs participating will be widely spread.


Spain is the leader of lamb production in Europe who currently exports to more than 70 countries. The Spanish ovine sector is committed on searching for the prime quality, always under the European Production Model standards, renowned for being the strictest in the world as to quality and food safety.
Spain has a privileged geographical positioning, the Mediterranean climate and a production system which is unique in the world, based on the use of pastures by breeding sheep’s and by how lambs are mainly grain fed.