The market research company IKERFEL has recently published a market study focusing on consumer perception of lamb meat at the request of the Interprofessional Organization of Sheep and Goats (INTEROVIC).

This study, carried out last December, indicates that consumption is growing slightly in respect to the previous year, consolidating the growth that has been experienced since 2013.

In other words, lamb has become an alternative to pork or chicken. So much so that up to seven out of ten households in our country have consumed lamb in the last year. The origin of the product is one of the determining factors at the time of purchase, although most consumers are unaware that it appears on the label of the product.

Spanish people’s perception of lamb meat is positive, improving it this year due to its nutritional properties and the ease with which it can be found at points of sale. However, the age of regular consumers is generally higher. INTEROVIC plans to work to make the Spanish sheep sector known to young people, who find the taste of lamb especially unique.