EIBENS, a consulting company specialised in China, has presented today the market research titled ‘The ovine and caprine meat market in China’ during a meeting last thursday, dedicated to the consumption of meat in the chinese market.

The document, which will be published at the end of February, presents information relative to the special characteristics of the chinese market and the main importing countries. Besides, EIBENS explained how the supply chain works: from the port importing meat to the sales outlet, restaurant, supermarket, and even e-commerce, which is one of the main ways in which imported meat is sold in China

This study reveals an obvious market niche for the spanish lamb and mutton. They are perceived as very special meat products, mainly because of it’s manufacturing process (its milk and cereal based feeding, its age of upbringing…). This involves a competitive upper-hand over other meats, which steers the spanish ovine sector towards one of its biggest challenges in the forecoming years: conquering the chinese market.