The final of the first edition of the gastronomic competition “Sustainable and Natural Dairy, Lamb and Kid Meat” will be held on 28 January

The six classified chefs will see their faces at Madrid Fusion 2019, the largest gastronomic fair in Spain. The competition, organised by the Interprofessional Organisation for the Food and Agriculture of Sheep and Goats (INTEROVIC), aims to focus attention on suckling lamb and lamb meat, as a synonym for quality and commitment to traditional grazing.

The six finalists will face a jury made up of INTEROVIC professionals and gastronomic journalists, chaired by Miguel Ángel de la Cruz, Ambassador of the European Programme for the Recovery of Sheep and Goat Meat and winner of a Michelin Star. The cooks and recipes are classified:

  • Carlos Alcalá, Étimo restaurant by Begoña Fraire (Madrid).
    Royal of lamb and dim sum of sweetbreads with pico de gallo.
  • Eduardo José Comín Diarte, Topi Hotel School (Zaragoza).
    Tournedó of ternasco impregnated to pressure with dates and aromas of the souk, its reduced sweet juice, with garnish of baba ganush and sautéed wheat.
  • Fran Trigo, Río Grande restaurant (Seville)
    Mutton thigh, its rib with rosemary glaze, aniseed pear, charcoal, wheat and milk from the mother of the lamb.
  • David Izquierdo, El 51 del Sol (Aranda de Duero).
    The neck of the suckling lamb.
  • Rubén Ramos, Finca La Realeza restaurant (León).
    Cap i cua lechal
  • Juan Ramon Sau, Gastronomic Advisor (Zaragoza).
    Saffron cheeks and menestra with its chlorophyll.

In addition to this culinary contest, INTEROVIC has also prepared its stand to promote the consumption of sheep and goat meat. Chef Antonio González de las Heras will be present for a tapas tasting.