Quality in every sense

Worldwive famous flavour

Thanks to a privileged geographical location, our Mediterranean climate, and an unique production symtem in the world, our products are currently in more than seventy countries.

The production system is based primarily on the use of pasture and it’s benefits (90% cereals and other concentrates such as corn, barley, wheat, sunflower or soybean; and 10% straw).

Among the wide range of products we offer, we include three unique products in the world: the lamb, fed with only breast milk, is characterized by its white meat, fine and tasty colored; Agnei Iberian, Its special power gives a greater surface and infiltrated fat; recental Lamb, a very tender, slightly pink lamb with a mild flavor. Furthermore, we work other products like heavy lamb, sheep and viscera.

Our lamb meat, the healthiest

As a result of a unique system of production in the world, different scientific studies, conducted in collaboration with several Spanish Universities, highlight the nutritional properties of meat Spanish lamb, mainly because of its high protein, vitamins B6 and B12 and a source of potassium, niacin, selenium, phosphorus and zinc. Also, the provision of adequate quantity and quality of fat.

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