Spanish lamb & mutton

A new way to eat meat.

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Milk Fed Lamb

Lambs fed mainly with milk, not exceeding the month and a half of life, and also with a wheight of less than 9 kg. His flesh ischaracterized by its pink color and a delicate and nuanced flavor. It offers multiple cuts and is an ideal product for roasts.

Light Lamb

Lambs with less than 4 months of life that already eat natural feed. Lamb floks of between 11 and 13 kg. It’s a pink meat, very tender, with just the right amount of fat. Each section offers numerous cooking.

Senior Ovine

Senior sheep meat is the most intense flavored one  and comes from animals that have already exceeded one year old and weighs more than 13kg sliced open. It is characterized by an intense aroma and flavor, and a less fine texture. A product that gives all its character to different recipes and full of nuances.

Offal Meat

Lamb offal products with the best selection. Countless different textures and shades offered. Its versatility and nutritional benefits are attracting the attention of the best cuisines in the world and allows endless culinary creations.

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