On April 24, Luxury Lamb presented a tasting menu at the newly opened state-of-the-art Edition Abu Dhabi Hotel in its “The Oak Room”

tasting_ Abu Dhabi_ Chef Tom Aikens.This restaurant is coordinated by the emblematic and famous British chef Tom Aikens, recognized as the youngest chef in the world to have reached the two Michelin stars.

The aim of this action has been the presentation to an exclusive group of 15 chefs from Abu Dhabi of the innovative cuts of Spanish grain lamb, encompassed within the high standards of production, traceability and European food guarantees and report on the goodness of lamb of European origin. The quality of the hotels and restaurants represented by the guest chefs should be highlighted.

A select tasting menu, very innovative, was prepared for the guests, created by chef Tom Aikens, who travelled to the United Arab Emirates to prepare this dinner and where the following four cuts were tasted: tenderloin, churrasco/costillar, boneless neck and loin. Chef Tom Aikens himself explained first-hand the preparation of each dish, the differential characteristics of this lamb and the goodness of each of these cuts in haute cuisine.